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Faith, Hope and Charity > Abundance

вторник, 4 августа 2009 г.
Abundance and Charity FaithHopeCharity 11:07:31
 "The thief's only purpose in coming is to steal, to slaughter and destroy.
(Jesus said) I have come so they may have life and have it abundantly" -
John 10:10
A successful American by the name of Jeff Johnson teaches about wealth and
gives training on how to obtain it at his site: http://www.abundant­
He also provides factual answers to two insigntful questions :

Q1. Is Abundant Wealth a religious organization?
A. Many of the principles we teach are found in the Bible. We make reference
to many scriptures throughout our website and in our educational materials.
These scriptures form the foundation of what we teach. There are many
financial teachings in the Bible and they have been used by the wealthy
for thousands of years. There are many scriptures that favor money and
they teach us, for example, about borrowing, lending, giving, and interest.
There are also many teachings on what not to do, like not to love money.
The Bible does not teach us that it is wrong to be wealthy, in fact, the
Bible teaches us how to prosper. We believe wealth encompasses both
spiritual and financial aspects. We will address issues such as tithing
and giving as we believe this is an important part of any overall wealth
building plan. Take a moment to think about the wealthiest people you know.
Now ask yourself, do they give their time and money to others? Yes!
Giving is an integral part of the wealthy person.

Q2. I just inherited a great deal of money. How could this help me?
A. History has taught us those who are given or inherit money are at
a high risk of 'spending it away' and in ending right back in the
same financial situation in a few short years. There are many high
profile athletes or lottery winners whom at one time had literally
millions that end up in financial distress or even bankruptcy.
What if these people had known the financial rules of the wealthy
and applied those rules when they had those millions? They would
be more wealthy than they could imagine, and think of the blessings
their community lost out on, all because they didn't know what to do.
There is a huge difference between rich and wealthy. The lottery winner
is rich for a period, and whether he becomes wealthy or poor depends
on what he does with the lottery winnings.

NOTE: Many people believe in the saying that 'Charity begins at home',
but the church teaches that we should always be charitable towards
others who are less fortunate than ourselves.

A well-known spiritual saying states – "Give, and you shall receive
in abundance" - so if you are rich or become wealthy do not forget
to start to give and a place you could go to is at :­
where for a small sum of money you will add to the wellbeing of a family
that needs help in a third-world country.


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Настроение: happy
Хочется: to share my blessings
Категории: Abundance, Wealth, Charity, Share

Faith, Hope and Charity > Abundance

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